Rescue Options

Rescue & Recovery Options

There are many different Rescue & Recovery options that can be recommended by us depending on the individual financial circumstances of each business.

Business Rescue & Recovery work with a number of experts in different fields that can assist with either trying to recover the business or formal remedies to wind up. In addition we can also help with financing, re-financing, sale of a business, Invoice Discounting / Factoring, Credit Risk Insurance and making claims for Research & Development.

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What Are My Options?

In the first instance Business Rescue & Recovery will assess your situation and help you understand the various pressure points of the business. There is no one size fits all and therefore Business Rescue & Recovery will look at the most suitable option for you as the Director and your business.

Depending on the circumstances, some of the options may include a voluntary liquidation, voluntary arrangement, payment plans, funding, financing, re-financing, restructuring or a potential sale of the business for an orderly exit. You may even be entitled to claim for a grant for any historic or ongoing Research & Development.

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